March 28, 2023
Equipoise one of the most effective steroid

Equipoise is a trademark of the anabolic steroid Boldenone. This is an oil-based injection with the addition of undecylenate ester. Adding ether helps to increase the half-life and release rate. The drug is a testosterone derivative with symmetrical anabolic power, but with a reduced androgenic effect. Equipoise is a veterinary medicine. However, it has gained popularity among bodybuilders and athletes as a form of testosterone, a derivative with fewer estrogenic and androgenic effects. Equipoise likes to be compared to nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin), but that is not the best comparison because nandrolone has different properties and a completely different class of compounds (19-nor or progestin). However, many believe that Equipoise and Nandrolone are interchangeable, even in cycles of anabolic steroids.

Equipoise one of the most effective steroid

Drug properties

Since Equipoise is derived from testosterone, it offers many symmetrical properties. First, it has exactly the same level of anabolic strength (score of 100). Second, Equipoise is an aromatized anabolic steroid and can be converted to estrogen by interacting in the body with the enzyme aromatase. Modification by a double bond between carbon atoms 1 and 2 reduces its ability to aromatize and thus leads to lower estrogenic activity of Equipoise in the body.

All this means that Equipoise is converted into estrogen, but much less than its parent hormone, testosterone. This positive property does not prevent the side effects of estrogen, which should be taken into account when taking the drug. So don’t expect Equipoise to retain water in your body. This will only happen to a relatively small extent. Of course, everything is individual and depends on the body’s sensitivity to the substance. However, in moderate doses, Equipoise should not cause fluid retention or other side effects. As the dose increases, the risk of side effects increases, because a symmetrical increase in the concentration in a stable state in the body will increase the rate of estrogen aromatization.

Equilibrium itself is characterized by a low level of androgenic potency (less than the parent hormone testosterone). Such a positive moment is important for people who are sensitive to less androgenic symptoms and side effects. In Equipoise, we can expect an increase in strength, volume and weight, which is symmetrical in relation to what can be achieved with testosterone, but with fewer manifestations of estrogenic activity and androgenic side effects. This means that the advantages of Equipoise will primarily be a relatively solid gain of dry matter with minimal water retention (depending on the dose). It will be a perfect addition to any class for increasing volume or increasing muscle mass. In some courses, Equipoise may even replace nandrolone. Unlike nandrolone, Equipoise is not a progestogen and has fewer side effects in suppressing natural testosterone production.

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Drug properties

It is important to understand that the drug does not guarantee fast muscle growth, the process will be much slower compared to other anabolic steroids, but long-term results and no side effects when used properly are obvious advantages of Equipoise.

The effect of Equipoise

The use of Equipoise aims to increase the main indicators and, accordingly, increase muscle mass. In addition, it is worth getting SP Equipoise, because the drug can also have a positive effect on the athlete’s body:

  • Qualitative growth of muscle mass in dry and solid form;
  • Relief for the body;
  • Improving metabolic processes and anabolism;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Increased speed and endurance;
  • Accelerated fat cell burning.

Courses and registration

Testosterone supplementation equipment in various modifications is usually designed to gain muscle mass. Testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate is often used – ester forms that correspond to the half-life of Equipoise. These are longer cycles compared to their other compounds, due to the half-life, which enables a slower release of the most active component and therefore takes longer before a visible effect is seen.

Equipoise’s initial action is often used in conjunction with testosterone enanthate (or cypionate), which helps provide greater muscle benefits in the long run. Moderate cycles of Equipoise may also include the use of an oral compound such as Dianabol (Methandrostenolone). The amount of Testosterone Enanthate (or Cypionate) in this case can simply be reduced to maintain normal physical activity. Dianabol is added for 1 to 4 weeks and the total cycle time is 12 weeks.

Since Equipoise has an elimination half-life of 14 days, it is best to divide the weekly dose into two equal doses.

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For men, training duration is 8-10 weeks, the best dose of boldenone being 400-800mg per week (once), <400mg is ineffective and does not lead to >800mg. On the other hand, positive results increase the risk of side effects.

The muscle strength device can be combined with Trenbolone and Testosterone (in this case we shortened the treatment to 6 weeks so that testosterone production does not stop and we must use antiestrogens)

Courses and registration

Blends well with Boldenone Anavar and Winstrol for relaxed, lean muscles

Of course, remember that exercise is not limited to using anabolic steroids, but also building muscle and basic nutrition (dryness, weight), which is a strong anabolic factor. increased muscle density and strength.


The optimal dosage is between 300 and 800 mg per week and for low doses of Equipoise (300 mg) it makes sense to combine it with other anabolic steroids. The dose of exercise for athletes is about 600-800 mg per week.

Equipoise’s long half-life (when half of the drug is removed from the body after the first injection, i.e., the concentration of the ether in the blood is halved) allows for one injection per week. However, pharmacologists recommend that the dose be increased by 1.5-2 times during the first 2 weeks due to the slow absorption of this drug at work.

Bodybuilders typically inject 400 to 600 mg of Equipoise undecylenate per week. Experienced athletes experience higher doses, sometimes up to 800 mg per week.

This steroid is actually active in the body for 4 weeks, but a weekly injection schedule helps to maintain a stable amount and higher concentration of the active ingredient in the body.

In addition to endurance and strength, balance provides quality muscle mass. But it’s not a fast acting steroid, so weight gain will be slow and steady. Due to mild side effects, administration can take a long time. The balance course lasts on average from 14 to 18 weeks. Some bodybuilders extend their cycles to 20 weeks, but these long cycles require more attention and experience.

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When combined with steroids like Anadrol or Equipoise Sustanon 250, it can be used successfully to gain body weight. Such a course provides tangible muscle mass with good stiffness. The average dose for a large increase is 600 mg per week.


For drying it can be combined with Winstrol and / or Trenbolone or used alone. We guarantee incredible vascular design and relief. The average dry dose is 400 mg per week.

Side efffects

As already mentioned, Equipoise has less estrogenic activity in the body than testosterone. Equipoise aromatizes approximately half of the aromatization of testosterone in the body. This means that the side effects associated with Equipoise should be significantly less than with testosterone. But here it is important to note that the estrogenic activity of Equipoise will be slightly higher than that of nandrolone (Children). Of course, if you increase the dose, the aromatization (and thus the estrogenic effect) will increase proportionally. In such cases, antiestrogens and aromatase inhibitors will be needed to prevent the appearance of harmful factors. Estrogenic side effects may include: fluid retention, high blood pressure (caused by fluid retention), increased body fat percentage (increased body fat), and potential development of gynecomastia.

Post cycle therapy (PCT)

Like most AAS, Balance has a strong inhibitory effect on natural testosterone production. Since Balance courses are very long (14-16 weeks), a responsible approach to course planning and follow-up is essential. HCGenerate ES and Clomid help maintain a stable hormonal balance and prevent sexual problems.

Recovery steps should begin two weeks after the last injection. It is recommended that you take testosterone boosters to improve your own cholesterol production levels. In addition, a course of Clomid is required, which will not only remove the steroid cells from the body, but also help maintain the obtained results.