March 28, 2023
Features of therapy after using the steep steroid Equipoise

Equipoise also know as Boldesten et al, is an anabolic steroid originally used in veterinary medicine. The drug consists of one of several types of methandrostenolone (one of the first synthetic steroids known as methane), which has a long-lasting effect. However, despite the similarity of the molecules, boldenone turned out to be completely different.

The chemically synthetic Equipoise from the testosterone molecule is strengthened with a double bond between 1-2 hydrogen atoms. This allowed the active ingredient to be compared with natural testosterone in terms of effectiveness. At the same time, androgenic symptoms are halved.
The substance is almost identical to Dianabol, a popular steroid known as Handers (except for the 17-alpha-methyl group, which allows the drug to pass through the liver without being broken down, making Dianabol a poison to the body is seen). As training shows, the same amount of testosterone is less active than equipoise.

Equipoise is often confused with Nandrolone, another anabolic steroid considered a Russian drug. The reason for this comparison is the drug comparison mentioned by the famous American bodybuilder DanDuchaine in his book about steroids. He was later credited with founding the steroid movement.
However, in bodybuilding, nandrolone and boldenone are often incorrectly compared and the combinations are not recommended due to their similar effects. More specifically, these steroids have different effects on the body: Balance aims to create relief and build up blood vessels, while Nandrolone promotes muscle growth.

Features of therapy after using the steep steroid Equipoise

An important property of Equipoise is its high resistance to 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts the steroid’s active ingredient into a potent androgen. Therefore, the drug cannot cause severe androgenic diseases (alopecia, enlarged prostate, etc.) or stop the production of testosterone. Equipoise is a real find for bodybuilders.

Benefits of Equipoise

Equipoise is a modified testosterone molecule with a double bond between the 1st and 2nd carbon atoms. This change may reduce the androgenic and estrogenic effects of the substance. Equipoise is usually available in the form of an undecylenate, which further increases the half-life in the body. The maximum concentration of the drug is reached 3-4 days after use and the effect lasts up to 3 weeks.

Equipoise acts in the same way as testosterone, significantly increasing protein synthesis, accumulating nitrogen in muscle tissue, suppressing glucocorticoids and stimulating a significant increase in IGF-1 levels and insulin-like growth.

Equipoise is also more important than testosterone because it stimulates the production of red blood cells. These effects should be taken into account when using large doses of the drug. The use of standard doses causes a small increase in the amount of red blood cells in the blood, which has a positive effect on human activity, as red blood cells increase the concentration of oxygen in the tissues.

Equipoise is a powerful appetite suppressant and allows you to eat better, but this effect does not occur.

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An indisputable advantage of training is the increased strength, which is used to build muscle and active work.

Anabolic effects

The main effect of boldenone is a large and qualitative increase in muscle mass, although rather slow, due to the special molecular structure of the substance. The rate of muscle growth depends directly on the form of steroid used: propionate and acetate greatly accelerate this process.

Another noticeable effect is an increase in the strength index, an increase in the body’s resistance during long and soft exercises. This is possible due to the increased production of red blood cells: red blood cells provide more oxygen and nutrients to muscle fibers and reduce fatigue.
From the first week of use, metabolic and anabolic processes are introduced. Significant increase in appetite. After extensive training, the regeneration process of muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments is accelerated.

Anabolic effects

How much can you get for a course?

Of course, combining boldenone with other anabolic steroids gives a much better effect than drugs. However, the latter is enough to have a noticeable effect. Prolonged use of the drug (more than 10 weeks), especially in combination with other anabolic steroids, may increase muscle mass without fluid retention and fat accumulation.

Dosage and treatment regimen

Equipoise can be purchased in ampoules and used to build muscle with a recommended dose of 600-1000 mg once a week. The lower the dose, no noticeable side effects, the higher the dose, the greater the risk of side effects. The use of the drug lasts from 6 to 10 weeks. Injections are made into the muscles, the recommended area is the gluteal muscle. Use standard 5 ml syringes to insert the needle forever.

Rules for the use of Equipoise

As a long-acting anabolic steroid, 2 injections of seven days are sufficient. The recommended weekly dose is 400-800 mg. Regarding the duration of anabolic use, we recommend using it for 2-3 months. Shorter cycles will not be effective, as the drug will start working at maximum efficiency for a long time. For solo courses, the use of excipients is not necessary due to the high anabolic safety. But after cancellation, it pays to do PCT.

This steroid can be used alone. For example, we use the ointment that we recommend for newcomers in the “chemical business”. This allows them to achieve good results with minimal risk of side effects. However, experienced bodybuilders prefer combined steroids. This allows them to increase the efficiency of their prices without increasing the likelihood of negative effects.

Since Equipoiseis an excellent anabolic drug, it is often combined with similar AAS. Good choices for builders are Testosterone Enanthate, Parabolan, Methandienone, Trenbolone Enanthate, Nandrolone Decanoate, Oxymetholone. All of these combinations are aimed at gaining large amounts of weight.

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Lubricants can also be used when processing the relief. In this case, athletes need to find ways to control their cravings. If an athlete is struggling with this problem, they will appreciate the impact of the stroke. Therefore, this substance can be considered universal. It is a great strength training alternative, but it also has a high fat burning activity.

Rules for the use of Equipoise

Now for the proper use of an anabolic steroid. It should be noted immediately that all injectable AAS is administered intramuscularly. Strong injections into the target muscles to be pumped are strongly discouraged. The buttocks are the ideal place to inject into the human body. They contain relatively few blood vessels, which reduces the risk of injury. Since the frequency of injections under fat is low, there are no problems with the introduction.


It should only be used after a thorough medical examination. It is especially effective in sports that require a lot of patience from athletes (it is popular with athletes and skiers). With the right dosage, it is also suitable for beginners due to the mild effect.
Injection anabolism is especially recommended for athletes who need high quality muscle mass (including dryness) without noise, minimal androgenic effects and no side effects. The dosage of steroids is chosen based on the athlete’s response to the drug and the body.

The effect of taking the drug comes quickly, but this does not mean that high doses of steroids can be accelerated: experts recommend starting with a small amount to personally determine the specific effects on the body.

Combinations with other steroids

Equipoise can also be ordered for use at different times. It is a fairly versatile material as it is part of the muscle building and bodybuilding classes. To increase muscle mass, the drug is combined with androgen steroids: nandrolone, oxymetholone, dianabol. If it is necessary to build muscle, Equipoise is combined with drugs such as stanozolol, trenbolone.

Side effects

Although these drugs have been shown to be safe, they can have significant side effects. But this only happens in rare cases: wrong assessment or incorrect combination of excipients.
For example, when Equipoise is mixed with extra testosterone, some side effects may occur:

  • Inflammation of muscle fibers;
  • Existence of fat deposits;
  • Symptoms of gynecomastia (enlargement of the mammary glands and surrounding fat)
  • Improved taste (replacing androgen with estrogen).

Most athletes do not report any estrogen-related side effects, even if they take about 1g of the drug per week. This means that androgens like boldenone are not needed.
Important When boldenone is used to supplement testosterone it is important to understand that it is not only a harmful substance but also a “builder”. This means that extra steroid doses must be chosen with caution.

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Side effects

Low balance of androgenic activity allows a woman’s body to be used and minimal risk of antiviral symptoms (male factor). Not all injectable steroids have this.

Posr cycle therapy of Equipoise

Like most AAS, Balance has a strong inhibitory effect on natural testosterone production. As Balance courses are very long (14-16 weeks), a responsible approach to course planning and follow-up is required. HCGenerate ES and Clomid help to maintain a stable hormonal balance and prevent sexual problems.

Tamoxifen is recommended for post-boldenone PCT. It is started one week after the Equipoise course. Tamoxifen is prescribed one tablet a day for 30 days. Intake helps to lower estrogen levels and also gives a positive development in the natural production of testosterone. PCT after steroid use significantly shortens the recovery time. By increasing the production of your own hormones, you can maintain the results you get by getting the most out of boldenone.

Balance affects the athlete’s body somewhat, so when used with care (at the recommended dose and no longer than the recommended duration), the probability of error is almost zero. The most important thing is to choose an original fabric of high quality.
It is not necessary to support the endocrine system to stimulate the production of natural testosterone. For this purpose, booster vaccines can be put on a diet for several weeks after the end of steroid treatment. Tamoxifen works very well. It reduces the amount of bad cholesterol and improves the production of testosterone in the body. It is also a balanced diet. All of this will not only help you recover faster after steroid treatment, but will also reduce your effectiveness.

Post cycle therapy or PCT is an important process that every athlete must go through at the end of a cycle. The goal of any PCT is to bring your body back to normal so it can restore your body’s natural testosterone production.
Equipoise PCT can be started 2-3 days after the last injection, but it is a personal choice. Obviously, the longer the balance-testosterone cycle, the longer the PCT. PCT Common Equipoise lasts 4 weeks and begins 2-3 weeks after the end of the cycle. Each Equipoise PCT can be based on Clomid, Arimidex and / or Nolvadex. All 3 products have noticeable side effects such as headache, nausea and stomach ache. Arimidex is the mildest. However, these side effects vary from person to person. Regardless of what medications you want to use with PCT Equipoise, it is recommended to start with the higher dose and reduce it towards the end of your cycle. The dose is 0.5 to 1 mg per day.